Cancer with its own term Vs Healthy lifestyle…..

I have been called to write about Cancer today as all along the way from 2002 there are so many cases related to this disease among my family members.
Let me count! It’s about 6 cases and 4 out of 6 have passed away because of Cancer including my mom. That means, in average, 1 case in 2 years.

This….., made me feel scared and worried. I suggest to all of us especially to my family and relatives to go at least 2 times of full medical checkup a year to detect any minor/major sign of any type of Cancer.
That will be the first one!

Another step is, to practice healthy life with some exercise and take healthy foods which are well-known of anti-cancer, high-metabolism, high-fiber, less sugar, less carbs (depending on your routine activities) etc..
Some people are not use to take all those healthy food as they are not used to it, however, to keep your body, mind & soul in a good condition, those help! Pain is gain buddy!!

Well, I am talking to the mirror where I have to take care of myself too.
What so far I’ve done? Let me share! ;)

      1.     Lifestyle – I’ve changed in terms of my routine activities and daily meals.
Used to be only at home. Lying in front of TV, sleeping, eating fast food, never cooked my own meals. What happened then? I am so close to obesity, my foot is painful when I’m walking too long and looking awful.
Now, I do a lot of exercise at least 3 days a week, cook my own meals (clean guaranteed), cut off all the fast food (I would say 98%), drink a lot of plane water (RO water), change your cooking oil to good fat cooking oil (Olive oil, Corn oil etc.), take a lot of fruits.
      2.     What type of exercise?
To the gym - Own weight exercise (pus up, squat, lunges, sit up and a lot more), cardio (running, cycling, dancing etc. more offer from the gym out there), basically the exercise that give you more sweat. This way we can detox.
Running marathon – for those who doesn’t have back problem, this is great and fun to do. So far, I’ve achieved for half marathon (21KM) in Penang. Nowadays I’ve changed my cardio routine from running to cycling to avoid impact to my back bone and joint pain.
      3.     Detox tea – Green tea (any brand) that can help you to do detox from the unnecessary things inside your body. I will recommend you 2 types of brand that I usually take i.e. NH Detoxlim &
      4.     Top 5 fruits & vegetables
Fruits: Berries, Bananas, Grapes, Watermelons, Green Apples
Vegetables: Broccoli, Avocado, Beans & Carrots, Cabbage, Spinach

Hope all the tips above may inspire people out there to kick start their healthy lifestyle. At least to minimize any disease we had inside our body from getting worse.

It’s been a while till today, my hand was feeling itchy to type what is held in my mind.

Take care;



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